Step Away From the Problem


Staring at a problem rarely helps. Mental fatigue has set in and you’re stuck. No matter what you do, finding a solution seems like a dream instead of a reality. During these moments, your brain needs a break. Walk away and leave the problem alone. Know as “incubation” in the creative process, stepping away from solving a problem gives our brains the rest that is needed to spark creative thinking and problem solving.  During incubation, do not work consciously on the problem and allow your subconscious to work for you, making connections that your conscious (and taxed) mind could not.  If possible, move to another workspace or area and do something completely different that requires an alternative approach or skill set. For example, if you’re designing a flyer, work on your budget instead and vice versa. Changing tasks will enable your subconscious to do its best work. Be ready for new and novel solutions to your problem to appear at random times and places like the shower, the gym or in the car. Keep a pad of sticky notes handy to document your brilliant solutions.

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