5 Keys to Make Learning Stick

learning stick

As teachers and trainers, we want learners to be engaged, inspired and transformed by the learning experiences we provide. To ensure that each lesson you teach sticks, use these keys to create top-notch activities for learners of all ages.

  1. Design the experience to fulfill a specific purpose. The activity should teach one point. Research has proven that teaching one-point through multiple angles increases retention to 90%.
  2. Make sure the experience presents an open-ended task to accomplish or problem to solve. Keeping the task open-ended will allow for a multitude of answers and increase creativity. Close-ended problems with one right answer stifle creativity and critical thinking.
  3. Design the experience so it challenges learners but doesn’t overwhelm them. Daniel Pink, author of Drive, stresses the importance of mastery as one of the elements of motivation. As you plan, consider what learners will be able to do after they have completed the task or challenge. How will they feel?
  4. Make the experience age-appropriate. Experiences that are too advanced for learners will cause frustration while activities that are too simple will create boredom.
  5. Connect the students’ learning to real-world experience. As people learn, they want to see how what they are learning applies to their world. They ask, “Why should this matter to me?” Learning that matters is learning that sticks.

Using these keys will guarantee your lessons are fun, memorable, and applicable for the individuals you teach. They’ll make your teaching more rewarding, too.

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