Monday Ideaspark: Ships


Monday mornings can be sluggish and your team’s creative juices may need a jumpstart. Try this fun activity to energize your teammates and spark their creativity.

Gather everyone together and give each person a sheet of paper and a pen. Challenge people to name and record as many “ships” as possible in one minute. After 45 seconds, do a status check and make sure that everyone has written a few ideas. If not, extend the time to 2 minutes.

After two minutes, call time and invite people to share how many ships they came up with. Commend the person with the most ships listed and then ask group members to give examples of what they included on their list. You’ll probably hear battleship, cargo ship and cruise ship, but if you hear friendship or dealership, you definitely have some creative people in your group. Debrief the experience by pointing out that there can be multiple “right” answers to a question or problem. Wrap up the experience by challenging your team to search for multiple solutions to the challenges they’ll face in the upcoming week.

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