Tuesday Ideaspark: Scribbles


Distribute a piece of paper and pen to each person. For extra impact, substitute colored markers or pencils for the pens.

Have people scribble on their papers filling up the page with different types of lines, circles, squiggles, and colors at random. Invite people to be as abstract as possible. Suggest they turn their papers every few seconds to ensure the scribble doesn’t begin to resemble something in particular. If a recognizable shape or image begins to emerge, prompt the drawer to be more abstract.

Allow one minute for scribbling.

After a minute, call “time” and ask participants to pass their scribbles to the person on the left. Tell them to enhance the scribble they just received by adding new lines, circles and squiggles.

Allow another minute.

Call “time” and have group members pass the scribble to the person on his or her left to continue adding to it.

Allow one more minute.

Call time and have people examine their scribbles. Invite them to turn their scribbles in different directions to see them from varying viewpoints.

Point out that within each scribble is an idea for a solution for (name of your problem, meeting, challenge). Instruct people to work with a partner and find the ideas that reside in each scribble making connections between what they see in the scribble and the task or challenge at hand.

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