How Am I Doing?

questionsSuccessful leaders constantly assess their leadership style and the impact it has on their team. Having self-awareness of leadership strengths and weaknesses provides leaders an opportunity to grow their skills as well as the skills of their teams. Often a leader’s perception of his or her abilities can be skewed. We may think we’re doing well when the team is struggling with our leadership. One fail-proof way to assess our leadership capacity is to ask those we lead 3 revealing questions.

1. What are we doing well? What can we do better? Asking these questions using a positive perspective helps team members identify successes first followed by areas of improvement. It builds the esteem of the team.

2. What are all the ways you feel empowered? Empowerment is a key component to creating a team where autonomy, mastery, and purpose drive performance. Teams with these 3 key elements thrive.

3. What can I improve to be more present, engaged and supportive? Seeking input on how you can be better shows a leader’s commitment to being a lifelong learner. Moreover, it demonstrates your desire to be authentic and transparent with your team.

Ask these questions at least once a quarter or more. With the feedback you receive, make changes to your leadership style. When your team witnesses these changes, they’ll be inspired to improve alongside you.

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