Be engaged, equipped and excited in these interactive workshops! Each workshop is packed with cutting-edge research and practical tools to transform your life and ministry. You’ll walk away inspired and prepared to take your ministry to the next level.

4-Hour Workshops

Building Strong Teams

In this team-building workshop, you’ll explore the biblical foundations for healthy teams, and uncover seven powerful principles for building strong teams in your ministry.

Get Smart! Using Multiple Intelligence Theory in Ministry Settings

In this workshop, participants will explore Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, distinguish the characteristics of each intelligence, gather a list of activities, strategies, and lesson designs for using the theory in ministry settings, and discover how to design a lesson that incorporates multiple intelligences.

IdeaSparks to Infuse Creativity in Your Ministry

The Creative Leader: Yes, That Can Be You! Everyone is born with the talent to be creative! You may just need IdeaSparks to get that creativity burning. In this idea-infused session, we’ll focus on types of creativity, identify your creative strengths, practice creative experiences, and create “flow” experiences. We’ll work together to build your very own creative toolkit for ministry so you can lead your team and programs in innovative ways.

2-Hour Workshops

Breakthrough Thinking

Immerse yourself in creative activities and conversations as you discover how to get out of a ministry rut. Master the seven steps to create a climate of ideation in your ministry. Learn which of the creative types you are–and more!

Flip! Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

It’s hard to flip a failure and turn an obstacle into an opportunity.  It takes the right attitude, a clear strategy for analysis, and the ability to think differently. This nitty-gritty workshop helps you dig into each of those areas. Plus, you’ll get practical steps you can take to flip your failures and inspire your people at the same time!

Give Kids A Living, Breathing, Thinking Faith!

Train your kids to think biblically! In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to pinpoint Bible-teaching technique that will encourage kids to think. You’ll identify the kinds of questions that will guide kids—of all ages—to think biblically and you’ll explore simple changes you can make in your classroom that will revolutionize the ways kids see God.

Help Your Volunteers Say Yes to Ministry!

In this workshop, you’ll discover a proven strategy to engage volunteers in ministry. You’ll get a 90-second tool to invite people into service opportunities and you’ll walk away with fun ways to affirm your volunteers. Plus, you’ll practice every technique you’ll learn and walk away ready to grow your volunteer ministry.

Innovation Lab

Learn the keys to implementing innovation from successful organizations, and walk out with your own specific innovation plan to address any current pain-point or to create a new plan for the future.

Keeping Ministry Safe

When God places children and youth in your ministry’s care, their safety is everyone’s concern. Get practical advice on how to clearly articulate procedures for safe conduct, how to train volunteers in your safety policy, and how to effectively screen all leaders of children and youth in your church.

Outside the Lines

Leaders today face several challenges, among them driving change, challenging the status quo and leading teams to solve complex problems. These challenges require specific skills, including creativity and creative thinking. Discover how to unlock barriers that prevent you best creative work, and identify strengths and areas for development as creative leaders.

Storytelling You Can Do!

Discover 8 storytelling techniques you can use to bring the Bible to life for kids! Walk away with practical tools to help kids see their place in God’s great big story.

Teaching On Target: Successful Strategies for Reachingand Teaching Todayʼs Children, Youth and Adults

In this interactive training event, you’ll discover creative, practical ways you can bring the Bible to life for students of all ages. You’ll get ready-to-use classroom tools that will transform your teaching and your students’ hearts. And you’ll walk away with simple ideas for helping your learners talk comfortably about their faith.

The Gamification of Sunday School

Do you ever wonder why kids will spend hours playing video games, but struggle to stay focused for 30 minutes in our classes? In this workshop you’ll explore the six mind traps of video games that keep kids engaged and get practical tools to apply them in your ministry.

Train for Endurance and Success

Your ministry volunteers want to succeed! In this workshop, you’ll explore the key factors that motivate people to serve. You’ll get a successful training strategy that will tap into these motivations, equip your volunteers and increase their desire to serve God. Plus, you’ll walk away with a clear process for evaluation and feedback.


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