Instant Inspiration

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Try these simple, fun activities to spark fresh thinking and creative ideas.

1. Eat dessert for breakfast. How might you change the order of a challenge or task you face?

2. Count the patterns on your desk or in your office. Add two more. How do the patterns connect to each other? What connections can you make between a problem you face and the patterns in your office?

3. Write a thank you note using your non-dominant hand. What’s the opposite of the current problem you are trying to solve?

4. Take a new route home. What interesting places did you see? Change your environment when tackling a problem. You’ll discover fresh insights.

5. Use scented markers. Describe your creative challenge in terms of smell.

6. Eat all your meals with chopsticks. Using chopsticks requires precision. What precision is required in your creative challenge?

7. Begin all of your sentences with a different letter of the alphabet. How can you vary your approach to a problem?

8. Visit a hardware store. Check out the power tools. What power tool would help you solve your problem?

9. Boil water. Watch the still water change to bubbles and steam. What other forms can your problem take?

10. Shake a can of soda. Open it. Listen carefully to the sound of the exploding liquid. How might sound or noise help you solve your problem?

11. Put together a puzzle. How can your break your problem into pieces? How might rearranging the pieces or removing some of them help you solve your challenge?

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